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Fire protection


KJ FireOff® Systems

Standard fire protection systems and the very own highly effective KJ FireOff® Water Mist System

For KJ FireOff and on behalf of Knaack & Jahn Schiffbau GmbH, new and unique nozzles have been developed for use in the fire protection of accommodations, public spaces, engine rooms and for all areas to be protected on yachts, cruise ships, ferries and other types of ships.

Main customer benefits at a glance
Customers have reasons for being completely satisfied:
• Ease of installation compared to competition products
• Ease of maintenance for your crew
• Based on this clear cost advantages compared to competition products
• Clear weight advantages
• 40 % lower energy need
• No water additives
• In accommodation esthetical nice semi concealed design. Rosettes and cover-plates available in all RAL colours
• The KJ FireOff OHM automatic is available in a side wall version

Interested in an integrated package of fire protection from a single source? This includes engineering, approval of the classification society as well as delivery and installation, including start-up and delivery of the system to the classification society and shipping company.

We are happy to provide you with all the details. Just give us a call or send an e-mail.

Due to high demand now also have information on fire protection further below in the Russian language for downloading.

(В связи с большим спросом в настоящее время также есть информация о пожарной безопасности на русском языке на ниже, чтобы загрузить.)

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KJ FireOff
Mist System
Very own system

KJ FireOff
Water Mist System
Design Options

KJ FireOff
Mist System
River Cruise Ships

Standard Sprinkler


Gas Suppression

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KJ FireOff Система

KJ FireOff

KJ Спринклер

KJ машинном

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